RAHEEL , to leave and never return. it may be as easy as it sounds but only the privileged ones are whom allowed to leave. For me, having cuffed wings is way much harder than having nothing at all. - January 2020

Alami fi Aynin Ukhra - ألمي في عين أخرى is a random street character from Abisamra in Tripoli city, only when you feel the sorrow , you meet the sorrow. - July 2020

Thul Raasi 'l Mughlak - ذو الرأس المغلق  An enclosed head inside an eerie yet luxurious box, i keep saying that i despise being lonely, but sometimes i just feel like being it, and for centuries. i would eventually turn out sick and even in a worse state, yet i would accept life more than ever. - January 2020

I'm a combination of a broken clock, and a cold cup of Coffey. - January 2020 

Untitled Sketch - April 2020

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